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Volunteers Needed!

The VFW wants everyone to be able to experience first hand the 'Moving
Wall' and we also want this to be a community event with the involvent of
anyone who wants to help; either as an indiviual or as a group.

We will need volunteers for:

  • Unloading the wall when it arrives and assembling it - Also disassembling
    it and loading it on the trailer for its next stop - It takes
    approximately 4 hours to assemble the wall
  • - Security - We are responsible for providing 24 hour security
  • Meals and/or cooks for the volunteers
  • Two wheelchairs for any handicapped people who might want to use them
  • Maintenance & groundskeeping to keep the wall clean and the area free of litter
  • Guides - We will train you how to look up a name and the take that person
    to that name on the wall

If you would like to volunteer, please click on the link below to email us
your name and address and what you would like to do to help.

Volunteer form in PDF

If don't have it you will need Adobe© Acrobat© viewer to print the form.

Or you can view in the form in your browser here.

We are inviting your input as to what you would like to see for the opening ceremony, who would you like to see as a guest speaker.

You can call (530) 623-9510.Our Snail mail address is
PO Box 296, Weaverville, Calif. 96093


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